Which brand is the best tyre changer ?

As the old adage goes …. if we had been given a pound for every time we got asked “What is the best tyre changer?” then a life in the Bahamas would be beckoning. But still it is a very valid question, and one that requires a proper answer.

So then … Which Brand Is Best?

Well quite simply put there isn’t one!! ….

And that’s not the answer you were expecting was it? and why would it be, most businesses nowadays have grown accustom to being told by a visiting salesman that their product is the best, the best material, the best design and the best innovation a.k.a the best product! But then the salesmen will say that, not only are they on commission but they are generally working for a company who is tied into a supply contract, in which they are only allowed to sell the brands that they are contracted towards.

In truth most tyre changers are the same all with their own pro’s and con’s, some brands might excel in specific areas when compared to others and other brands simply rate well across all areas instead, each brand will develop and build their products in line with their business ethos.

There are some distinct differences when comparing major European manufacturers of tyre equipment to cheaper copy products coming from place like China and India.

That’s not to say the cheaper copy products don’t work, but more to the point that they have been copied from old outdated and obsolete models of the major brands, most are made from inferior grade materials and are purely built on price point alone. These machines not only break far more often but also have very little or if any backup support when things go wrong.

After all there is no such thing as a machine that doesn’t break!

Regardless of how much you spend on a piece of equipment, at some point it will break from either operator misuse or from an unexpected breakdown. And if you don’t believe this to be an overly honest comment to make then go and ask NASA of their opinion on the same statement. Considering they spend billions on home built machinery and equipment, they still suffer from malfunctions and sometime even catastrophic breakdowns. I’m sure you have heard the now famous “Houston ….. we have a problem…”

So the question you should be asking is “Which is the best tyre changer for my business?”

To correctly answer this we need to consider the correct use for the business requirements, such as overall daily workload, speed and efficiency requirements and possible future business expectations. But we also have to cover what we consider to be the two main contributing factors to buying the correct equipment for a business of which are detailed below

Backup Service Response

This is by far the most critical thing to consider!

There are several suppliers of major European brands (such as Teco, Corghi, Sice, Cemb, Sicam, Hofmann GS etc…) of tyre equipment in the UK to choose from, but its not the brand that is important it’s the backup service response.

You might be buying your preferred brand, but in the event of a breakdown you need to consider how long it takes to get it back up and running? … How long does the supplier take to get to you? … does the supplier carry replacement parts in stock? … do they carry the spares on the van and if not how long does it take to get a part in from point of order to delivery to you?

As an example, here at E-quipfix we sell Teco tyre changers and wheel balancers, and we aim to be out to our Teco customers within 24 to 48 hours.

We also hold most of the parts fitted in our equipment in our warehouse and our engineers will often collect all the parts related to the issue, prior to attending. This way our Teco machines are attended to and repaired within 48 hours maximum 99% of the time.

We do hear horror stories at least a couple of times a month from customers who have turned to us, that they have gone anywhere from a week to a month without a piece of equipment while waiting for engineers to attend or for parts to be delivered. now ask yourself … Could your business cope with that?

One rather large point to keep in the forefront of your mind when considering equipment of any kind!

Price Point

This is one we come up against a lot! and I really do mean a lot!

The last few years has seen a huge increase in cheap copy products being imported from China and India. We not just talking about being equipment supplied from drop shippers from the likes of E-bay and Amazon, but also from some old established manufacturers and suppliers that have turned to importing these units and re-branding them with their livery.

As discussed earlier its not that fact that these units don’t work because they do. But they have to be purchased on the premise that they are a throw away item when things go wrong. Often the cheap copy products go wrong very quickly, and when they do it can be extremely difficult if not impossible to get replacement parts for them.

Also they are designed for a short overall shelf life, two years at most anything more is considered a bonus. Decent machinery is designed to last a bare minimum of five to seven years and we often service equipment that is ten years or older.

The parts are still readily available from the manufacturers and the machines are built to a much higher quality with far superior materials. The Italians produce some of the best tyre equipment in the world, and a lot of the copy products currently available on the market will reflect this by advertising that the equipment was “designed” in Italy.

But …. and this is a big but!!! ….? this is where you need to be a little careful!

As this is where clever marketing professionals earn their money by carefully wording things to appear more than they are. Because “designed and built in Italy” is far removed from the cheaper and inferior “designed in Italy …. but copied and built in China!” As they say you get what you pay for …. “buy cheap, pay twice”

The Best Tyre Changer

So here we are at the conclusion of this topic, so what is the best tyre changer for your business?

For us here at E-Quipfix Ltd we stand by our decision to supply Teco tyre changers, wheel balancers and other garage equipment.

Unlike most other garage equipment suppliers we are not tied into any supply contracts, this means we are not forced to sell one specific brand. Instead we are free to sell the machinery that we personally believe to be best for the job, and for us Teco automotive equipment is it.

As discussed earlier in this article, we pride ourselves on our industry leading backup support!

This is only feasible by working with manufactures that build equipment to class leading standards and manufacture them from high quality materials. But ultimately backed by pro-active technical support and excellent warranty conditions. This makes Teco our ultimate choice for our customers.

Remember ….

The best tyre machines for your business are the ones that will cost you the least in the long run, and that includes factoring in downtime caused by equipment breakages, booking an engineer, engineers attendance time, parts ordering, parts delivery and repair time scales.

Buy Wise! …. Buy Teco! And above all buy from E-Quipfix!