Teco 100e – Leverless Tyre Changer

Teco 100e leverless tyre changer

Today we are look at the Teco 100e leverless tyre changer.

The Teco 100e is a leverless tyre changer designed for working on high end and high value wheels where ultimate control is required when carrying out tyre fitting work.

So what sort of garage is the Teco 100e best suited for?

Overall it is best suited for garages that have the need to have maximum control over the fitting procedure without requiring tools to be coming into contact with the wheel rim, such as wheel refurbishment businesses or workshops that are regularly working on high cost or high end centre bolted wheels where traditional clamping methods cannot be used.

The Teco 100e is not suitable for anyone wanting an all singing all dancing “fast fit” tyre machine, the 100e is designed to work at a slower pace and reduce the chance of rim damage to an absolute minimum.

The Turntable

The Teco 100e features a “Centre Clamping” turntable, that uses a centre locking shaft to pin the wheel in place (almost on the same basis as a wheel balancer shaft assembly as seen in the following image).



This is a great design for clamping freshly painted and refurbished wheels eliminating the possibility of damage to the back of the wheel rim, should the wheel slip within traditional clamping jaws when mounting tight low profile or run flat type tyres.

This clamping method is also critical for high end spline shaft wheels found on many of the latest super cars, due to the nature of the light weight material used the wheel rims can be easily cracked or chipped by the traditional clamping steel jaws.

The locking pin comes with a range of different sized nylon cones to suit the centre holes of differing brands as well as a universal metal cone that has a replaceable yellow nylon cover. Again these are all designed from nylon and are designed to take the damage caused by over clamping rather than the wheel itself.



The Bead Breaker

The tyre bead breaker system is also different from the traditional large” metal blade” type found on most tyre changers, rather than using a these blades which often results in wheel damage cause by either the blade coming in contact with the face of the wheel rim or from cutting into the back of the wheel well, the Teco 100e implements a dual interlocked nylon disc pressing system.



The advantages in the design of using nylon bead breaker discs are obvious in their use, even if the user manages to somehow get something wrong or out of align when operating the tyre changer and one of the bead breaker disc comes in contact with the rim then no damage is caused to the wheel rim.

At worst all you will do is break a nylon disc which will always be far cheaper to replace rather than paying for a wheel to be refurbished or replaced.

Both of the bead breaker discs arms are interconnected via a control cable, so that when you pull the top disc into place this will move the control cable and in turn the bottom disc will mimic the upper one in its placement.



The Fitting or De-Mount Head

Now this is where it starts to get interesting, the main tool head.

This is where the machine gets its “Leverless” tyre changer classification, the head is similar to the standard fitting head of most tyre changers, but the tool head itself has its own inbuilt tyre lever, which is operated via a pneumatic valve located on the side of the top column as seen in the picture below.






Final Thought

All in all the Teco 100e tyre changer is an impressive piece of kit, and if your are looking for a tyre machine that will reduce damage costs and also make fitting low profile and run flat tyres a less risky task then the Teco 100e is right up your alley.

We have already supplied several of these tyre changers to our customers and all the feedback has been fantastic, but we must reinforce the point of that this is not a “fast fit” tyre changer and never will be.

If you want a high volume fast fit type of tyre changer then the Teco 36S or Teco 46 will be more befitting the task, as this is what these models of tyre changers are designed to do on a daily basis.

If you would like to get a hands on feel for the Teco 100e the please give us a call on 0118 970 6950 or use our Contact Form where we can arrange for you to come to our showroom where a member of staff will be on hand to personally take you through how to use the Teco 100e.

If you wish you can even bring a member of staff with you and practice with our demonstration wheels or even bring your own wheels and tyres along to see if the tyre changer works for you, your staff and your business.